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Upper Kinder Garten School Greater Noida West

The upper kindergarten programme lays the foundation for the day-boarding program. It an eminent programme at the preschool level before the kid transitions to schooling. The children are well versed with phonics to form words and sentences and eager to write down their thoughts. They enjoy reading books and are confident in communicating their understanding to the class.

The mathematical concepts are clear and already into solving simple to complex math problems. Their fine motor skills and understanding of forming shapes helps them to express their learning through drawing supporting with independent writing. Creativity becomes more vivid as they manipulate the art materials and present their own creations.

In this course, their listening, speaking, reading, communicating and writing skills are taken to the next level which provides a boost to their confidence and accelerates their accent to formal schooling.

Kids are taught to listen to long stories; sing all rhymes with action; make simple topical conversations; read and write 4-5 letter words, and write small sentences.

Motor skills are developed fully through writing activities; beading; origami activities; skipping, running with obstacles, and bodily orientation with sports. Creative development is enhanced through motivating their originality of ideas; making their own short stories; painting and coming up with innovative ideas and solutions to problems.