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Nursery School Greater Noida West

Nursery is a mandatory course in schooling as per the National Education Policy 2020. The program sets the ball rolling for a flying start to further schooling of children. This is the stage where kids start actively developing their speaking, reading, and writing skills through guided methods.

The nursery program focuses on the core learning areas of language literacy, numeracy, environmental science, creativity, physical development, personality and life skills. The focus is to engage children in meaningful conversations and build up their functional language, communication skills, concept identification and ability to relate.

Kids are taught to understand verbal communication; get oriented with phonics sounds; speak sounds of letters, speak 2-3 word sentences to express things & needs; identify letters and objects; read small letters; read and write capital letters.

Fine-tuning of motor skills is achieved through balancing; throwing and catching objects; sand and clay modeling; wrist movements and thumb grip activities. Creative development is fostered through storytelling; and creating artistic references through music, dance, art, and craft.