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Brief Overview of Innate Wisdom School

Founded in 2019 as Innate Wisdom started with two students and was initially known as Future Leaders Play School, its growing preschool in Noida. The guiding principle of 'Innate Wisdom' is to provide children with a culturally sound environment, the right values, love, and protection.

Innate Wisdom provides a holistic curriculum in an open classroom setting. Creativity, imagination, critical and divergent thinking, problem-solving, as well as an appreciation of a world of various cultural and spiritual values, are central to our curriculum. Community service, service learning, and multiage classroom experiences are also integral parts of our curriculum.

Our low student-to-teacher ratio (about 11 to 1) allows us to nurture the individual growth of each child.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to discover the Innate Wisdom of a child by guiding the principle of unique creativity and shaping thoughts. Steps of innovation start with Imagination, Ideation & finally Innovation which leads to the final leap of creativity. We are aligned to groom a personality of a child who empathizes first and is ready to deal with any circumstances through emotional intelligence.

Our goal is to develop social and emotional intelligence by guiding 3i’s Imagine, Ideate & Innovate principles.

Our Vision

To Setup World-class global schools worldwide

The Difference

Our Curriculum

Constantly evolving, well researched and inquiry based curriculum that is a blend of Montessori, Reggio & Playway and influenced by Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences Theory

Our Environment

Carefully planned Safe, Secure & Hygienic environment meeting all international standards with abundant opportunity to learn

Our People

Constantly trained Inspired Passionate Mentors and Caring Caregivers employed after proper background/medical checks

Our Parents as Partners

Committed to open & daily communication along with regularly scheduled PTI and participation in training sessions & events

Our Core Values


  • Down to Earth: We are simple, straightforward, realistic, unpretentious, and always accessible to our stakeholders.
  • Respect: Value the contribution of every individual and respect basic human dignity in all interactions.
  • Education for all: As we serve society, it’s our moral responsibility to provide education without discrimination.
  • Accessible: Our dedicated team easily accessible throughout the day.
  • Motherhood: : we always treat like a mother to every child.


Our Preschool Philosophy

The preschool child’s rightful world and work is play. They need a safe and loving space to dream, imagine, Ideate, and innovate with self-expression. The preschool program nurtures this through storytelling, art, drama, music, yoga, dance, and multicultural celebrations.

We believe each child is a unique gift from the universe and should be cherished and respected. We allow the children to gravitate to the activities and experiences that attract their attention by fostering independence and supporting diverse patterns of growth.

Children are introduced to community-centered living. Encouraged them to work together in the community, make choices to benefit the child and others, and respect themselves, each other, and the environment.

We empower children by teaching conflict resolution skills that help them identify and express their feelings and needs to listen and respond to the needs expressed by others.

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From Founder's Desk

Education is a dynamic and endless process. In the fast- changing world, the gospel and substance of education, its precedence as well as perception have taken new confines to meet the challenges thrown by the growing impact of globalization. To achieve success we just need to set a vision and work for it with our heart and soul.

We at "Innate Wisdom" end to plan and apply education programs by shaping the creative minds and hearts of our scholars, thereby conducting value- backed quality education.

At the end, I would pen down by saying that we're completely committed to serving the nation's youth by furnishing them with high- quality education; so that they can contribute towards a humane, just, and pluralistic society with better innovative ideas and that I'm privileged to forefront the tabernacle of true knowledge honest comportments.

Mrs. Ruchi Akshay
Founder & Director

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